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"Fight choreographer Kate Lass does wonders. The main killing knife that Patrick uses is impressive and looks to be 100% real, and thus dangerous. However, it is clear that the cast has been well-trained in the importance of safety. And despite the fights being safe for the actors, the fight choreography looks entirely real - even from the first row."

Rikki Lee Travolta
Life and Times

American Psycho

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"It takes a village carving a path for bodies to follow, as evidenced by the invaluable efforts of intimacy coordinator Kirsten Baity, choreography assistant Quinn Simmons, and fight choreographer Kate Lass for their facilitation of movement throughout. Whether the story calls for sex, murder, or partying like it's 1985, brutality becomes beautiful in the hands of such capable artists."

Quinn Rigg
Chicagoland Musical Theatre

American Psycho

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[The fight choreography is] "scarily realistic."

Kendall Royzen
Buzz Center Stage
American Psycho


"[Nicky] Jasper and [Kate] Lass breathe life and comedy into the plot with their Broad City-esque repartee."

Marissa Oberlander
Chicago Reader

Wasteland Hero



"Kate is one of the most professional choreographers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail, safety, and storytelling is second to none."

Jason Speicher
Actor / Choreographer

"I love working with Kate; she always takes the time to meet you where you are in that exact moment, making sure that you also fully understand each concept. And somehow, she does so in a way that doesn't really feel like work."

Daria Koon

"Kate is a fantastic advocate for everyone in the room, and safety is always her number one priority."

Jared Sheldon

"Kate is a wonderful teacher, full stop. She leads the room with a kind, capable professionalism, badass instinct, and she's always ready to take your work to the next level."

Joe Blanchard
Actor / Choreographer

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